Harmony of Asia

from 2200 uah - 120 min
Leopolis Harmony of Asia

2200 UAH /60 min massage + 60 min spa relaxation
2990 UAH /90 min massage + 60 min spa relaxation
4800 UAH /120 min massage + 60 min spa relaxation
This antistress treatment, thanks to the combination of various essential oils and relaxing massage, gets your body back to natural harmony, wakes up impulses stimulating brain activity, improves blood circulation, reduces excessive liquid and toxins.
Recommended to those who want to get rid of psychological stress or wishes to relax and meditate.
The treatment includes:
Signature antistress massage
Citrus and herb essential oils
Finnish sauna with Indian aroma oils
Jacuzzi with Japanese mint oil
Glass of sparkling wine in relaxation room
Spa accessories and gifts

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