About the Hotel

Leopolis is much more than a hotel: it is a meeting point for local people and visitors alike, a space for enjoyment and encounters, a gastronomic destination and a piece of harmony in a vibrant city. We cultivate an air of harmony and relaxation. With us you will never have to worry about etiquette or dress code. Our focus is on nurturing a homey yet classically elegant atmosphere.

Our history

Leopolis hotel is owned by a Hartwall family, who first came to Lviv while being in the beverage business. At the time, they also owned the Lviv brewery. They were fascinated by the vibrant city. it reminded them of Western European cities yet with a unique and very compelling mix of cultures. The family saw a great potential in Lviv as a travel destination, decided to go into the hospitality business and opened the Leopolis hotel in 2007. The hotel has been run by the family ever since.

Our culture

Leopolis hotel stands for outstanding quality and service, integrity and commitment to its employees and customers. We love to build and deliver great experience and service for our guests. Leopolis is for people, by people.

On the corner of Shevska and Teatralna streets
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Teatralna Street 16
79008 Lviv, Ukraine