Energy of Bavaria

from 1990 uah - 120 min
Leopolis Energy of Bavaria

1990 UAH /60 min massage + 60 min spa relaxation

2600 UAH /90 min massage + 60 min spa relaxation

3300 UAH /120 min massage + 60 min spa relaxation


Region of Bavaria is one of the most popular center of sport massage. Our masseurs have a vast experience of collaboration with world famous football clubs as for the treatment of star players: FC Bayern München, Real Madrid Club, Futebol Clube do Porto and others

Recommended for those who need to activate and get back tonus of the whole body muscles.


The treatment includes:


Signature massage with «deep tissue» effect

Essential oils of Bavarian Alps origin

Finnish sauna with з Alpine conifer oil


Glass of sparkling wine in relaxation room

Spa accessories and gifts

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